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Whether your looking for just the right Hero car or need a large number of cars for the background scene in your film project, National Film Cars (NFC) has you covered. 

Our cars are available for Television, Movies, Music Videos, Independent Productions, Photo Shoots and Print Ads.

Call us to discuss your budget and what we can do for you! 


We know cars!  Our owner/drivers know their cars better than just about anyone.  All of our cars are well maintained and in driving condition unless otherwise noted.  We provide reliable cars driven by owners who are professional and courteous.  In most cases, the car owners grant cast members permission to drive their cars on film and grant crew members permission to move their cars for placement if necessary.

Our goal is to provide you with period correct cars to ensure the viewer’s experience is authentic.  If you don’t see the vehicle you’re looking for on this site, contact us.  We have connections with car clubs, car enthusiasts, and wrecking yards.  We can find what you’re looking for. 

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